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We pride ourselves in only stocking brand new and 100% authentic products. All of our suppliers have been personally vetted to ensure authenticity for our customers. We all know the internet is an easy place to get lost and a place where it is easy to make mistakes, rest assured we are at hand should you need any assistance before, during or after your purchase. Our sales and support team is available 7 days a week via email, and promise to reply within 24 hours.

Brands such as C.P. Company, Emporio Armani, Stone Island, Palm Angels, Valentino and many more all use Certilogo labels on their products, where using the code online you can check for authenticity. Moncler use their own system: All these labels can be found on the inside of the garment. Please note this is brand dependant.

Please note: 

Just like many independent stores across the UK and beyond, TheDesignerBox are now obliged to remove Certilogo labels from selected C.P. Company & Stone Island products, in addition to a select few other items on our website. This is to protect the company and supplier. In the United Kingdom, the sale of C.P. Company & Stone Island is authorised through a UK distributer. The distributer and C.P. Company/Stone Island own the full rights to the brand/s in the UK as well as managing the price control of all products. 

The brand/s and partner company actively try and trace suppliers to completely shut down the external supply as they want to restrict which businesses supply their goods and where the brand/s can be sold.

Therefore, a minority of our C.P. Company & Stone Island products, in a addition to a select few other items, will have the Certilogo labels removed at source. However, this will be clearly stated in the product description if so. There is also a reminder at checkout. If there is no mention of the Certilogo in the product description, that particular product will come with all labels intact, including the Certilogo. 

Should you have any queries regarding this, please reach out to us using the below form.


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